Sunday, 26 September 2010

Serena & Andy Murray: Front Row Alert

A few days ago, tennis stars Serena Williams and Andy Murray attended Burberry's Prorsum Spring/ Summer 2011 fashion show during London Fashion Week, at a prestigious college of art and design in London. Even though amongst the people seated on the front row were big A-listers such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Donna Air, Poppy Delevigne, Aaron Paul, Alexa Chung and Burberry's own Douglas Booth, it seemed to be a big night for the love of tennis. It's not very often you'll see two players of the said sport sitting cheek-to-cheek, on front row seats many would die for. It seems as though Serena was looking for inspiration for her own fashion works. Like her sister, (though perhaps not as notorious for skimpy on-court outfits) Serena has a big interest in fashion and has voiced how she would like to pursue the field one day. For Andy, it seemed as though he was choosing which outfit he would next like to pose in for a magazine's fashion feature. Andy has previously donned Burberry's apparel for a photoshoot with 'The Times', and didn't look too bad. Speaking as avid tennis fans though, we're thoroughly proud of Serena and Andy to have been on a front row at London Fashion Week.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Djokovic Cool For Davis Cup

After narrowly missing the title of the US Open winner 2010, it's understandable that the one in that situation will want time to recollect and reflect. That wasn't really possible for Novak Djokovic as he has the Davis Cup to worry about (17th-19th Sep) and as a main player for Serbia, it wouldn't really be an option to withdraw. There was some speculation over whether or not he would be withdrawing due to claims of him feeling 'jetlagged' during the journey from the US Open to the Davis Cup, but that was all soon put to rest. Novak is set to play Tomas Berdych (CZE) tomorrow in the semi-finals of the Davis Cup and we're hoping Novak won't disappoint us, as the cup seems to have Serbia's name on it at the moment. However, the last time the two met it was during Wimbledon this year when Berdych slammed Novak 3-6 6-7 3-6 in the semi-finals, and for Berdych to claim victory this time would seem like history repeating itself. Looking at photographs of Novak dining, in the name of Serbia for the Davis Cup, it looks as though he is confident and happy, and when he's executing his autographs he is definitely sporting a winning smile. Let's hope he can put a smile on our faces after his showdown with Tomas Berdych!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

A Dreamy Rafole Final

A lot of us were drowning in the excitement after we learned that the finals of the US Open 2010 championship would be between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. Either way the victory was given to, we were sure that both were great players and deserved their place in the final. Rafa hadn't dropped a single set on the road to the final, and Nole had only dropped four (two of which were against Roger Federer, which could be a good explanation for it). Although Rafa seemed like the likely winner, we felt like Nole had the majority of the support. Perhaps this time we wanted the underdog to win? It had been a while since Nole had shown he was worthy of his no2 rank, but after his amazing wins in the US Open against various players, we were eating our words. There was actually a chance that Nole could grab his second grand slam. The match between Rafa and Nole wasn't very enjoyable to watch, however. Rafa was easily winning after breaking Nole a few times, and it came to such a point where the audience were roaring for Nole when he managed to hold his own service game. Admittedly, the result was inevitable. Rafa won in four sets: 6-4, 5-7, 6-4, 6-2. But let us not forget, Nole played brilliantly to have won a set against a player who had previously never lost a single one in the same tournament.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Novak Djokovic Fires Up Sergio Tacchini

Since the start of 2010 Novak Djokovic teamed up with Sergio Tacchini and soon after became ambassador for the tennis apparel line. Here is an overview of all the shirts Tacchini have supplied the sensation to grace on court.At Kooyong at the start of the current year, Novak looked great in blue. At first, we was unimpressed about his move from Adidas to Sergio Tacchini. We had barely even heard of the latter beforehand, and neither had a lot of his young fans. But he was to be the reason of this to become otherwise...Novak Djokovic has, quite possibly, the biggest personality in tennis. It was no surprise then, to hear he would be taking part in the 'Hit for Haiti' charity exhibition organised by Roger Federer. Nole made quite a statement in his blazing, fiery top.Statistically, the Australian Open this year wasn't great for Novak, after he crashed out of the competition in the quarter finals to Tsonga, suffering from respiratory and stomach problems. However! the all-black outfit with red highlights was a winner. It accentuated all of his assets and made him look as though he was seriously into fashion, which is important in tennis.By February 2010, we had noticed Novak sporting the fiery pattern on his shirt for a few weeks and it's a great look for him, as it mirrors his personality. The gradient on his new shirt was something not many of the other ATP players were wearing at the time and it made him distinctive. By now, we had forgotten all about Adidas.The bright red-orange top Novak wore whilst in Belgrade competing in the Davis Cup was understated yet bold. Absent was the embroidery of fire, but somehow the fire was still there.Novak wore the above outfit for a long time from February onwards. Not much logic is needed to know why- he looks great in the crisp white/red outfit. When he participated in a charity exhibition (Miami) with Ana Ivanovic and singers Mel B and Jay Sean, he was the star of the day.Novak Djokovic warming up whilst practicing for the Miami tournament.For most of the clay season Novak bore the same shirt and looked great in it. That was one positive factor- the clay season wasn't bright for Novak, or for any of the other ATP men; Rafael Nadal won ALL the tournaments in the said season.During Wimbledon players are expected to wear white clothing with minimal colour. That's why Roddick leaves his checkered shirts in America, and Nadal leaves his checkered shorts in Spain. The plain look made a refreshing change from the striking shirts we were now used to but one couldn't help but wonder when Novak would go all out again.It wasn't long we waited. Novak was soon wearing his bright-yellow 'bumble bee' outfit with the emblazoned falcon wings on the rear. We had seen this a few times around May sometime, but now it was here and seemed to be staying. It wasn't until the US Open Novak seemed to be supplied with new shirts from Tacchini.Not one to disappoint, at the start of the USO, Novak changed his yellow shirt for a new, white/black one featuring a snake-like design on the rear instead of the familiar wings.In his match yesterday he was victorious in straight sets. It's taken Novak a while to get back to black but it was well worth the wait.

Today we found brand new images of Novak Djokovic modelling for Sergio Tacchini. It is, without a doubt, that Novak is not just a man of tennis. He is also a man of fashion.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Can the King Of Clay be the King Of 2010?

The obvious answer to this is indeed 'yes', and even more obviously, the un-named king of clay is Rafael Nadal. Nadal won the French Open and Wimbledon this year with flying colours (we mean that literally- bright pinks/blue shirts) and there's no stopping Nadal to win the currently playing US Open. Having spent most of 2009 battling with injuries, Nadal missed the opportunity to attack on the later grand slams in the said year. It was shocking, almost scandalous, when Andy Murray defeated Nadal in Toronto a few weeks ago, however we doubt Murray could be a threat to Nadal in this major tournament. Moving on to the third seed, Djokovic, we think he won't be present in the finals of the US Open, having almost caused an upset when he lost 2 sets (of five) to unseeded player Viktor Troicki in the late hours of yesterday. That only leaves Roger Federer in the top 4, but he won't give Nadal an easy ride. Having narrowly been defeated in the US Open of 2009, and with the then winner Del Potro out of the tournament this year, it seems like a sensible idea to assume Federer may win the tournament. His victory in Cincinnati a week ago supported the idea. Nadal will have to work really hard to defeat the top players in the current competition, but with his smashing record of an all-tournys-win in the clay season a few months ago, who's to say he won't want to add to his 2010 successes?