Sunday, 29 August 2010

Please Come To Win, Venus Williams

Following in the footsteps of tennis legends Venus Williams recently published her book, entitled 'Come To Win'. She says she 'wanted to share what she has learned from sports' with her loving fans, but when tennis stars release a book, generally it means their tennis career is over or reaching its peak. This is what is happening to Venus, aged 30. This year the furthest she has come in the grand slams so far is the quarter-finals, and worryingly, the last time she managed to reach a grand slam final was in June 2009. The odds for Venus doing well in the US Open aren't great that means, and with Serena sitting out nursing a foot injury, the upcoming grand slam tourny looks like a no-win situation for the sisters. Besides the statistics, there are other signs we've noticed that suggest she's not fit to win majors any time soon. For instance, her on-court dress sense. A lot of you will disagree that tennis and fashion are related, but if you look at it closely, it is. Looking at Roger Federer's sleek, smooth, sophisticated outfits, he pulls off stunning performances looking like a winner. However with Venus Williams, her lacy dresses suggest that she's trying to deter attention from her decline in performance. Venus needs to forget about the fashion for a minute, because it's clearly not helping her head when she's playing. If it's a distraction from the game, it needs to be toned down. Players like Fed and Djokovic don't seem distracted by it hence their results aren't adversely affectly. It also attracts media attention for the wrong reasons; the right reason would be to say she's pulled a win, which hasn't been the case for a long time. To even think about being a contender for the winner of the 2010 US Open, Venus needs to concentrate on her career rather than trying to sell more copies of that book. We support Venus and have done so for a long time, and we'd love it if she read the title of her own book and took it to heart.

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Jaguar's New Beast- the XJ

Thanks to my August 2009 edition of the Top Gear magazine, I learned that Jaguar were soon to unveil their newest model in their car range: XJ. This was interesting to learn as merely a year and half ago from then, in March 2008, we saw the then new XF's purring around, brand new, and admittedly outshining the now discontinued S/X-types. I saw a brand new XJ last week and it looked every bit impressive in real life as it's made out in the ad campaigns. From my view I was able to see the driver and passenger seated, looking comfortable, almost to a point where they verged on condescending. But nothing shouts 'comfort' as much as the idea of Jaguar making FOUR different types of the XJ. There's the 'XJ Luxury', 'XJ Premium Luxury', 'XJ Portfolio' and 'XJ Supersport'. Of course you could ask why they just didn't make these cars as separate model types, but the four spinoffs share the same idea as the Aston Martin 'Rapide Luxe' as opposed to just the 'Rapide'- refined versions of the simpler matters, such as upholstery. The shape of the XJ is rather unusual and because of that, it's evident that you'll either love it or hate it. I really admire how Jaguar stepped out of the box and tried something that is unexpected and unconventional, which reminds me of how BMW shocked us all when they introduced the bold 'X6'. It's proved successful. You'll always give way to the monsterous, imposing 'X6' and with the sheer class that the XJ oozes, it's sure to achieve the same effect.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

The Rainbow Colours of Roger Federer

The most stylish man on the men's tour is Roger Federer, without a question. Although there are many other contenders such as Novak Djokovic (falcon winged emblazoned Sergio Tacchini) or Rafael Nadal (oversized checkered shorts or bright colours), there is only really one man who gets the understated yet elegant look. Tennis is a game of elegance.

Red: One of Roger's most memorable moments was in the US Open 2009 when he was playing against Novak Djokovic and produced the shot of his career when he hit the ball from between his legs. Poor Novak had no idea who he was up against- the greatest player of all time. The red made Roger look powerful and dangerous.Orange: We don't see Roger in orange very often but when we do he looks so happy and that reflects in his performance. It certainly makes it easier for his fans to tell him apart from his opponent, we don't like it when the two players look similar from the camera.Yellow: We don't ever remember seeing Roger play a match wearing yellow, and we wouldn't advise he does either. Look how unthreatening he looks here!Green: Here's a colour we hardly see Roger adorning, mainly because it just doesn't look fashionable. And Roger is a man of fashion.Green-Blue: Roger wears varying shades of greeny-blue often and he suits it very well. Everyone has seen him in this outfit below.Blue: When Roger wears blue it reminds me of the Australian Open; perhaps he likes to coordinate with his surroundings. It's an ordinary colour and doesn't wow like the others.Pink: Roger's pink shirt of the US Open 2010 series so far has proved a hit with many of his fans. Not many men suit the said colour, but Roger is an exception.White: This has to be the greatest shirt that the greatest wears. The simple white stripes and gold trimming make Roger look golden and the main man of the sophisticated Wimbledon tourny. He wore this during June 2009 and looked every bit the winner he was.Grey: Roger doesn't wear grey a lot, in fact we don't remember him ever wearing it on court, but it's a great look on him. Black: When he wears black, he owns. The coloured collars make his shirts distinctive and impressive. On court, that's the desired effect, to make the opponent nervous.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

The Person Who Killed Djokovic's Skill in 2010

The start of 2009 was a great year for Novak Djokovic. Having struck gold in Beijing, Basel, Paris, Dubai, Shanghai and Belgrade it was clear that Djokovic was a tennis player to watch and become weary of when playing the top players. Djokovic hired 'guru' Todd Martin, a former player, in August of the same year and for a while things were hunky-dory. Djokovic found himself reaching a career high rank of 3 by the end of the year and he had won over the hearts of many tennis fans worldwide. By the time we all reached 2010, drastic things were happening to Djokovic's performance. In many of his matches he had a lot of UE's (unforced errors) and terrible serve statistics. Some might have blamed his respiratory problems and hayfever, but we don't take to that story. Djokovic was born with the said problems and if those were the reasons of his sudden downfall then he would never have been on a high between 2008-2009.

The reason was Todd Martin. Having watched Djokovic avidly from mid 2009 we saw the change in Djokovic and the increase in weaknesses. When Djokovic was asked why he hired the former US Open finalist he said: '[I] wanted some help with my servey-and-volley game and to add some variety.' It is evident that Martin has been a far cry from help, however. The great news is, is that Novak Djokovic sacked Todd Martin a few months ago from now and we can now see Djokovic back in the final four of major tournaments and Masters, and at an all time career high of rank no2.