Monday, 25 October 2010

Federer Scores in Stockholm

The Swiss Maestro and world no.2, Roger Federer, won the finals of the Stockholm Open 6-4 6-3 vs Florian Mayer. This was his 64th ATP title and he now is levelled with Sampras' record of the same, but is yet to beat Jimmy Connors, Ivan Lendl and John McEnroe's records. It's not impossible for Roger to do it, but it is highly unlikely, as Connors has over 100 titles. Federer was content to have even reached fourth place though, and he can safely put this to the back of his mind as he is the top in various other records (such as 16 grand slams) and he told the press how 'fantastic' it was to win the Stockholm Open (in Sweden). Hopefully Roger can see his high-class performances right through to the end of the world tour finals.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Drying Djokovic

Novak Djokovic demonstrated his good-natured personality in the finals of Beijing (which was a few weeks ago) by helping dry the courts when the rain disrupted play. Novak was wearing a coordinating white Sergio Tacchini jacket with his red/black outfit.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Djokovic to Defend in Basel

Novak Djokovic's next tournament he'll play is the Davidoff Swiss Indoors (in Basel, Switzerland). He put an end to Roger Federer's winning streak of years 2006-8 last year in 2009, winning 6-4 4-6 6-2, meaning that this year he'll have to defend those 500 points. Last year he caused a massive upset when defeating king Roger in his hometown, so we reckon Roger this year will come out with a fighting spirit in his endeavour to win this time. Both him and Novak have confirmed their places in the tourny, taking the position of seeds 1 and 2, but the public draw won't be done until 30th of this month. We hope both Novak and Roger are on the opposite halves of the draw to ultimately meet in the final, once again. The following pictures have been taken from the finals of the said tournament in 2009.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Muzza Repeats History in Shanghai

The winner of the Shanghai Rolex Masters 1000 of 2010 was Andy Murray, who defeated Roger Federer in the finals 6-3 6-2 today. This reminded a lot of tennis fans about the outcome of Toronto, where Roger Federer beat Novak Djokovic in the semi-final, only to be defeated by Andy Murray in finals (7-5 7-5). Roger's service games were of a poor quality, compared to what we're used to from him, and Andy was just too good for him.Roger's performance yesterday against Novak Djokovic was, on the other hand, excellent, giving poor Novak no chance and a loss of 5-7 4-6. Most reckon Roger had now got his revenge, after being beaten by the (adorable) Serbian in the US Open about seven weeks ago. Looking at Roger's dull outfit, I think he can perform better in that department. The pink and light blue Nike shirts (with the cute little RF logo) look a lot more appealing than the murky grey-purple he wore today and yesterday. Novak excelled in this field, with his Sergio Tacchini red/black and white/black outfits looking vivid as per usual. His results up until he faced Roger were laudable too, not dropping a single set against Ivan Ljubičić (CRO), Richard Gasquet (FRA) and Guillermo G. Lopez (ESP).Seemingly on top form, I was sure Nole would win the title and obtain a consecutive win over the new world number 2 (Federer). Yes, this means that Nole has lost his position and dropped to 3. It's become customary by now to see Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic alternating their ranks, certainly since Rafael Nadal became number 1 in June. Neither of the former two can steal Rafa's topspot for a while, since he's comfortably ahead by a few thousand points, so there'll be no alternating with him! I doubt it'll be long before Nole can raise his arm in victory and claim his career-high rank of 2 again.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Top 20 Tennis Stars Shine in Shanghai

Despite it's inaugural year being not long ago in 2009, the Shanghai Rolex Masters (known as this since Rolex upgraded its sponsorship to become the title sponsor) has kept fans waiting a while, and now it's here. The top twenty ranked men, including Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic, are all taking part. The one to watch would have been Nikolay Davydenko (Russian), who was the first winner of the 1000 Masters tournament. He had immense pressure on him, as not winning this time meant a loss of a great deal of points and not qualifying for the end-of-year championships in London. Unfortunately for the Russian, who was ranked sixth in the world, was defeated by Mischa Zverev (4-6 6(3)-7). So with the reigning champion out of the tournament, it could belong to anyone. Superficially, one would say that Rafael Nadal is the likely winner, and an extra 1000 points to his ten-thousand-and something wouldn't hurt. Yet, Novak Djokovic has expressed how he well he thinks he will do this week: "right now, emotionally, I'm confident. I'm happy, and looking forward to upcoming challenges. I feel good physically. I didn't spend that much energy in Beijing. I'm sure I'll be fit and ready. I will do my best to get as far as I can in this week". Roger Federer will also be raring to go, haven't not played since his loss against Novak Djokovic in the US Open about a month ago, and will be eyeing his chances at gaining his second 1000 Masters title of the year. Our hopes lie with Novak, as his excellent form has only continued after his Beijing title win to lead him to a first round win against Ljubicic today (6-3 6-3).

Monday, 11 October 2010

Novak Reigns, is 1 of 3 to Qualify

Today we woke up to news, via Eurosport, that Novak Djokovic had won in straight sets (6-2 6-4) vs Ferrer in the China Open (500), in Beijing. This supports our early prediction- although in hindsight, it was the obvious choice; Murray and Davydenko didn't play half as well as they could have. It's a delight to be able to write this post now and inform you of his truimph, as before many could have doubted him. It was certainly acceptable to think of him as 'shaky' during the clay season. Now many of us Novak fans can feel at ease when supporting him again. Also, Caroline Wozniacki performed well in the China Open, knocking Serena Williams off the top rank position with the win. She defeated Zvonareva 6-3 3-6 6-3. This photo of both her and Novak, was taken about a week ago at the opening of the Chinese event. They both seemed pretty happy and confident, which could be a reason for, or a result of their laudable wins.Novak has qualified for the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals which are due to take place in London, 21st- 28th of November this year. At the moment, he's one of three who have qualified for their place (only the top eight by that time can qualify), the others being Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. With points yet to defend in Paris and Basel, Nole has only qualified 5,165 of his 7,145 points. He won the year-end championships in 2008 and said 'It was incredible how many people came out and watched us last year. I really look forward to playing in front of that crowd in The O2 again'. We hope he can pull a win here in London again this year too! But for now, enjoy the images taken today of Novak Djokovic in Beijing.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Novak Djokovic To Win In Beijing... Again?

In Beijing last year, Novak Djokovic won the China Open in a flattering style. This year the defending champion hopes to do it again, and being the top seed of the tournament, it shouldn't be a task too strenuous for him. We hope that the only difference between this time and the last is by the outfits that Novak will sport, being Sergio Tacchini branded, rather than it's predecessor, Adidas. After Novak, who's currently the world's number 2, the following top three seeds are ranked consecutively after world number 3 Roger Federer (who will not be taking part in this tournament)- Andy Murray [4], Robin Soderling [5], Nikolay Davydenko [6]. We don't see why any of the mentionned should be a threat to Novak, but tennis is unlikely, perhaps Novak may have a bad day on court during the next week. Moving on from the ATP side of things, the WTA side seems to be a little more interesting. Both Serena Williams (world number 1) and Kim Clijsters pulled out of the tournament, leaving potential winners Caroline Wozniacki [2], Venus Williams [3] and Jelena Jankovic [6] at the top. Jelena Jankovic failed to defend her title in 2009, leaving Svetlana Kuznetsova to win it, but perhaps this time she will rectify her mistake. The China Open was made even more exciting this year, when today (3rd October 2010) an array of dashing supercars made their entrance at the 'Sportscar Spectators Club', including, by the looks of it, a blue Aston Martin V8 Vantage, a green Lamborghini and a white Porsche (naming a few). The club is part of the tournament and definitely added some excitement.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Djokovic & Roddick, By Invitation Only

Today Andy Roddick and Novak Djokovic were invited to play an exhibition match in Seoul, South Korea, providing a lot of entertainment for the crowds. Novak won 6-2 6-4 and put away the rumours of any hard feelings left towards the American number one after their little tiff in 2008.

The Beast of the Paris Motor Show 2010

The beast of the Paris Motor Show, which took place a few days ago, was indisputably Jaguar's C-X75. Jaguar unveiled their new concept car in an endeavour to celebrate their 75th birthday, and judging by the reception it received, it will definitely be a car to remember. The sheer appearance of the car was something instantly worth applauding. The swift curves and sharp edges would make any driver of anything other feel inadequate.The shape is very different to the others Jaguar have produced in the past- even if you look at the boxy, sexy XJ, it isn't quite as finely cut as the rear of this C-X75. And if you attempt to compare it to the XK, you'll notice that the only similarity is the curve over the rear set of wheels.The tech specs are mind-blowing too. Superficially, you may think that a supercar cannot be a super car if it's a gas-electric hybrid, but you'll be eating your words when you learn it's capability of producing 205mph and 778 bhp. The electric motors at each wheel generates 195bhp each. On a single charge you'll be able to drive a cool distance of 68 miles.The two gas-turbines (British produced, I say proudly) found in the heart of the C-X75 produce 288bhp to charge the batteries and propel the car to drive 560 miles on one tank. The 1600Nm makes sure you won't be short of torque either. When running on turbine power, Jaguar is talking of 204 mph and 28g/km of CO2, which is a hell of a lot less than your usual supercar.The most admirable fact about the C-X75 is probably that it is wonderfully eco-friendly and beautiful too; most hybrid cars I've seen sport the same cliff-like shape at the rear which is a true spoiler. Let us not forget the interior of Jaguar's new baby. Behind the two front seats are the powerful micro-turbines, and the air passes around the seats to feed the turbines with energy.Spectacular, vivid blue lighting (reminds me of that used in Aston's One-77) is 'turned on' when the designated driver approaches the car, outlining the cabin and turbines to show them off just that bit more. Once the car is started, even more blue LED lights emit their glow on the doors and speakers. The swan doors entice the driver just that bit more.Leather is a must in supercars, and although Jaguar wanted the C-X75 to be distinctive in every single way, they knew it would be a crime to not don the interior with leather. The main colours are cream and grey. In addition to leather, there is also a lot of polished aluminium (possibly because it's stylish, yet lightweight).On the dashboard, a striking, brand new interface has been made using high-res, touch-sensitive screens. There has been no expense spared when Jaguar were kitting out their birthday present, then. The sad end to this article is when we remind you that the C-X75 is only a concept, and that it probably won't be able to be bought, even with the shiniest credit card. One can always dream happily, though.