Monday, 29 November 2010

Rafa, Roger, Nole Art Pays Big

A few weeks ago, when the top eight ATP players qualified for the World Tour Finals, they were requested to take part in the 'Art of Tennis'. This sounds cultivated. In actual fact, all they had to do wall hit paint-coated tennis balls at a template of themselves. This was for a good cause though, charity, and people paid huge amounts for the paintings. Andy Roddick's painting was sold at $33,100, Rafael Nadal's at $26,500, Novak Djokovic's at a close $22,103, Murray's at $7,301, Soderling's at $5,100, Ferrer's at $3,350, and Berdych's at $3,001. The painting that was expected to raise the most money was that from Roger Federer, which sold for $27,300. Novak Djokovic said, whilst doing the painting: 'I've been trying to express myself with paintings for many years... no-one's ever taken me seriously'.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Federer Wins Fifth ATP Final Title

Dubbed as the 'Greatest tennis player Of All Time' for a reason, Roger Federer won the ATP World Tour Finals season finale for his fifth time (2003, 2004, 2006, 2007 and now 2010). He defeated Rafael Nadal 6-3 3-6 6-1 in a truly remarkable manner and was broken only once. On the road to the title, Federer defeated; Ferrer 6-1 6-4; Murray 6-4 6-2; Soderling 7-6(5) 6-3; Djokovic 6-1 6-4; finally Nadal 6-3 3-6 6-1. We have to say Rafa did well to obtain a set against one who had previously lost none in the tournament. Roger's new, red shirt with the petite RF logo on the sleeves stood out and coordinated with the numerous fans dressed in the colours of Switzerland. The 1500 points will be added to his rank points from tomorrow. Well done Roger!

Friday, 26 November 2010

Eye-eye, Captain Djokovic

Novak Djokovic made an unforgettable entrance to the court of ATP World Tour Finals tonight at 8pm when he was to face Andy Roddick. The eye patch was a (d)joke referring to his contact lense problem two nights ago when he lost to Nadal. It made Andy Roddick's entrance a little bland. Novak won in a true champion fashion of straight sets, 6-2 6-3, and signed the camera with a duck. When interviewed before leaving the court, he was told he 'looks like Johnny Depp', and rather modestly, Novak laughed 'maybe but ten times uglier!', which unsettled the crowds. Good luck facing Roger Federer tomorrow, Djokovic.

ATP World Tour Finals better in 2009?

Yes. The line up of the qualified players was much stronger than the line up of 2010. With players such as David Ferrer who lost every set played in the ATP World Tour Finals, the quality of tennis has not yet reached expectations.Above: Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic are all smiles for the cameras (London 2009). Below: the same (London 2010).Andy Murray faces Rafael Nadal in the semi finals tomorrow. Nadal won his group (B) and Murray came 2nd to Roger Federer in group A. Roger Federer will face either Roddick or Novak Djokovic, depending on who wins the match out of the two. We hope Novak can have his contacts sorted, and demolish Roddick, to secure his place in the semis.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

ATP Semis Qualifying Scenarios

It's very difficult to get your head around the standings of Round Robin. It's easier to focus on a single player rather than a few. Our focus is on Novak Djokovic, of Group A. The following scenarios of Friday 26th November will mean he wins the group and qualifies for a place in the semi- finals; Berdych defeats Nadal in 2 sets and Djokovic defeats Roddick in 2 sets = Djokovic Wins Group. Berdych defeats Nadal in 3 sets and Djokovic defeats Roddick in 2 sets = Djokovic Wins Group. If Roddick defeats either Djokovic or Berdych in the foreseeable matches, then it is without a doubt that Rafael Nadal has won the group and secured his place in the semi finals.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

No Rafole Until Counselling

Rafael Nadal vs Novak Djokovic. We all knew Rafa would win, and indeed right now he's serving for the match 7-5 •5-2. The first half was full of drama. Novak's contact lense got dry and he sat out for a bit before running off court to his changing rooms to rectify the matter. Then his eye was causing problems from there. He lost the first set and from there, no way back. Novak apologised to Rafa, who later shouted at the ATP staff for allowing Nole so much time to fiddle with his eye. But as an aside to Rafa, Andy Roddick and others have been unhappy with his late exits from his changing room. Either way, the Rafole business was good while it lasted and we don't want the relationship to be over.

Rafa & Roger Receive Top Awards

The 2010 ATP World Tour Awards was an event to be remembered. Rafael Nadal won the 'Sportsmanship Award' and the 'ATP World Tour No. 1' award, after an amazing year for the Spaniard including 3 grand slam wins. The world no.1 said "It is a big satisfaction to receive the Sportsmanship Award, voted for by my fellow players; it’s very important for me... It’s an honour for me to receive the year-end No. 1 trophy. It’s been a fantastic season for me, the best of my career". We're sure that Roger Federer was a bit upset, understandably, having his 6-year streak of the No.1 award come to an end. No doubt Rafa's awards will inspire him to go for the ATP World Tour Finals title. Roger Federer won the 'Fans Favourite' award after leading the votes with an impressive 47%, and said “I would like to thank my fans for voting me once again. The fans inspire me to play this wonderful game". This is the eighth time the Swiss Maestro has won this award, proving that he's still got it. He was followed by Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic in the poll. We're extremely happy for Roger to have won what is one of the most coveted awards in the game of tennis, and expect Novak Djokovic and his pal Nadal will win it in the years to come.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Djokovic is Diego Maradona's Dashing Muse

Novak Djokovic avenged his Wimbledon 2010 semi-final exit to Tomas Berdych, with a 6-3 6-3 win against the Czech, in his first match of the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals today at 2pm. Novak and Roger Federer are the only two in the line up to have won the title before. Novak said "I couldn't ask for a better start of the tournament... I was trying to focus on my game and do the things that I planned to do tactically with my coach. You have to be really on the top of the game in order to win, because these players who are taking part in this tournament are the best players in the world". Novak could possibly win the title again.Not many of us knew that football legend Diego Maradona was a fan of tennis. Even fewer of us were acknowledged with the fact that he's a huge fan of Novak Djokovic and after the match, he went to celebrate with Novak off-court. It was certainly hard to tell who was the most honoured- Maradona was hugging Novak, before posing for the cameras with the Serb- Novak was talking animatedly and excitedly. Novak said about Maradona: “He's actually doing coaching; you didn't know that, for me (smiling)? We're working on some specifics, like how to play with hands, high balls (laughter).. We spoke in Italian, which made some exercise for me. He has played so many years in Italy, so he speaks very well. I still have to work on my Spanish. Tomorrow we spoke about eventually him coming to practice and playing a little bit of tennis and football”.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Novak Dazzles New Sergio Tacchini Shirt

We have found a new image of Novak Djokovic in some of the clothes from the upcoming Sergio Tacchini collection. Nole is wearing a green and white t-shirt with a short-sleeved jumper on top, both of which have the logo on. Sergio Tacchini are currently updating their site to something bigger and better, and we can't help but think it's Nole who's lead them in this positive direction. Register at the site now for a promotional code and free shipping. To view the history of Novak for Sergio Tacchini, click here.

Prime Minister Gets Cosy With Tennis Stars

Yesterday, the top 8 ranked tennis players (as order shown- Ferrer, Soderling, Federer, Murray, Berdych, Roddick, Novak Djokovic and Nadal) met the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, at a private reception at number 10 Downing Street. Collectively, they all looked smart in their shiny suits and polished shoes.The players looked very much in place amidst the cultivated decor and elaborate finishings. Murray seems very happy to be stood beside Cameron. Their ties even matched (either Murray wanted to be coordinated with the ribbon on the ATP World Tour Finals trophy... or he voted for the Conservatives in the recent election).Cameron was quoted to have said: "It's fantastic that the ATP World Tour Finals tournament is back in London for the second year running. It's great for London and great for the country. I am 100% behind Britain hosting high profile sporting events such as this". On Andy Murray (who seems to be his favourite), he said "I hope that seeing the world's top players compete right on our doorstep, including Britain's very own Andy Murray, will inspire our next generation of sporting heroes". Murray, who is Britain's number one, said: "It’s the second time I’ve been here. It was nice. He [David Cameron] likes tennis, which we knew beforehand. We spoke about tennis and some of the past players. It was good fun, I really enjoyed it".Presumably Roger Federer was among those they talked about, who looked very smart in his grey tie and impressive posture, pictured talking to the American number 1, Andy Roddick, who narrowly qualified for this upcoming tournament.Rafa looks particularly happy in stood in front of 10 Downing St. Perhaps he should apply to be the next PM; he's conquered tennis, and most probably the tournament next week.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Aston Races Into the Lead

Aston Martin are pulling out all the stops this fall. In their new magazine, they start it with something we don't think we've ever seen before: a proper Aston Martin ad campaign. This is executed neatly with a Cygnet on the left, and a DB9 on the right, in the heart of a very fashionable street. If you click on the image you'll be able to see the 'Dior' poster hanging taut in one of the dated windows. To further illustrate how fashionable Aston Martin is, they've included an elegant Ralph Lauren ad.The most impressive feature of the entire magazine was the article on the Rapide. The images reminded me of those used to promote the DBS a few years ago, with the car in question strolling onto grey scenes suavely. The French title translated to English is 'My God, what a beauty'. Perfect. View the entire Aston Martin magazine of autumn 2010 if you want to be familiar with the latest from Aston.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Sergio Tacchini is Complete.

In the latter-day society, the sad fact of the matter is that Sergio Tacchini is not as well known as Nike and Adidas, for instance. Hence, the release of their perfume 'Precious Pink' in September 2009 was not as well acclaimed as it deserved to have been. The perfume is said to be aimed at 'dynamic and elegant women with good taste, who chooses sensual, natural, classic and elegant aromas'. This concept is successfully captured in the impressive ad campaign. The woman's longline Sergio Tacchini tee is classic, and elegant too. We are not keen on the name 'Precious Pink' as it's too girly, but the 'pink' is supposed to suggest the extent of femininity of its scent. The bottle has clearly tried to look trendy though, with the aid of the Sergio Tacchini logo and diamante neck, however the diamante/silver neck is distasteful. The ad campaign was photographed in Monte Carlo bay, not far from where the tennis Monte Carlo Masters 1000 is situated (note the coastline... and the little Nadal and Verdasco).What adds to the appeal of the location for 'Precious Pink' is that Novak Djokovic resides in Monte Carlo, and is quite possibly the best ambassador Sergio Tacchini could ever wish for. Sergio's perfume is one that tributes tennis for being a sport of elegance and fabulous players.

Monday, 15 November 2010

World Tour Final. 1500 Points. 1 Winner.

The official ATP rankings as of today stand as follows: Nadal (1) 11,450- Federer (2) 7,645- Djokovic (3) 5,635- Soderling (4) 5,380- Murray (5) 5,360- Berdych (6) 3,755- Ferrer (7) 3,735- Roddick (8) 3,665. With the Paris Masters 1000 (finished yesterday) being the last tournament before the World Tour Finals, it's definite that the eight players listed will be the eight who have qualified for their place in the prestigious tour finals. Last year's winner was Russian player Davydenko, who bagged the 1500 points and a higher rank. Now he's currently ranked 22 and is the loser of 1500 points as he'll fail to defend. Novak Djokovic won in 2008 and hopefully he'll play well this year, but with the Davis Cup seeming to be of a higher priority to him, he may find his heart is not 100% in the tour finals. We've just been told that Roger will be wearing red, instead of the soft pink, blue and lilacs we've seen from him over the past months. Yes, the tour finals are worthy of a dramatic colour change. Djokovic cannot afford to put a foot wrong next week as Soderling is creeping up to him in the ranks, and the latter can't afford to slack either as Murray will be wanting his #4 rank back. This is also a chance for Andy Roddick to prove himself, as he only just made the tour finals and his performance has slipped. Ferrer is a big threat to the big boys as he's been on a winning streak and won in Valencia. The biggest threat of all is Rafael Nadal. He hasn't played since Shanghai, using his time to rest and prepare for the world tour final. If he wins this, and that's highly likely, he should definitely be crowned as the ATP Champion of 2010.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Hard Luck

It's official. The Paris Masters 1000 (BNP Paribas Masters) is left with last year's runner up, Monfils, and top ten player Söderling. Yes, this means that none of the top four players are present in the final. Djokovic lost to Llodra, shockingly, but at least Federer was left in. He's never won this title before and couldn't change that this year, losing yesterday in three sets. Nadal had dropped out from the start (fatigue) and we were hoping for Murray to fall anyway (or he'd take Djokovic's rank of #3). We expect Söderling will win the title today, as he has a strong win/loss record and is a top ten player. After today, we've got November 21st to look forward to. The World Tour Finals.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Djokovic Disappoints and Devastates

Novak Djokovic devastated fans after his loss to Llodra 6-7 2-6 earlier today in the BNP Paribas Masters in France. Novak felt the need to 'congratulate him', but he can't be happy with the threat of losing his #3 rank to Andy Murray and the loss of 910 ATP points. In an interview yesterday in Paris, Novak was saying (in French, impressively) how he would like to win and defend his title. We're upset to say his wish hasn't been granted. Still, he showed the world his latest get up from Sergio Tacchini- an off red/grey rugby shirt with the logo on the left.

The Supportive Daddy Djokovic

Featured in Vogue not long ago was Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic and his supportive father, Srdjan Djokovic. Srdjan's t-shirts lately have featured his son all over it, unlike the other dignified people in the player's box. Novak doesn't agree with his dad's way of fashion and dressing up for the major matches, but he's happy nonetheless, saying "He's a proud father, what can I say?...I don't know exactly where he got his fancy shirt - it was somewhere in Belgrade... I would never wear the shirt. I don't like myself that much". We love Novak's modesty and good humour. On the other hand, we also like his father's way of not being modest. The t-shirt has been a top buy in Serbia's capital, Belgrade.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The Love Between Nadal & Djokovic

After months of collating evidence, and agonising over the truth in this, we've finally decided that Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic are more than friends. You can view the photos below.This was when Novak had to retire one year in Wimbledon after problems with his left foot. Nadal was quick to console the tearful Serbian.Rafa consoling Nole with sincerity.In the 'Hit for Haiti' charity exhibition around the Australian Open 2010.Nole and Rafa are dressed suitably to impress with coordinating outfits.Also in the 'Hit for Haiti' exhibition...Nole waiting at the net for Rafa who looks to be running.A handshake wasn't quite adequate.Nole bumps heads with Rafa's after losing out to the title.The two rushed to meet at the net.Before the finals of the US Open this year, Nole and Rafa posed for the cameras.Again Rafa wins the title against Nole.They played doubles together a few months ago.A rendezvous at the net again.This has to be a fan's favourite of the two. They both appreciated each other's performance at this USO final, and it shows.But will Rafa approve of this?