Thursday, 1 December 2011

Novak Djokovic is GQs Man of the Year... Ace!

Isn't it a pleasure to see your favourite gentlemen's quarterly honour your favourite sportsman with a prestigious award? GQ magazine have awarded seventeen people with awards for being 'Men of the Year 2011' under their own separate categories, such as 'Show Men' or 'Knock Out', Djokovic's own category being dubbed appropriately as 'Ace', and also being only one of two sports categories featured. Our humble Novak Djokovic. To quote, Tom Scocca has branded the Serbian tennis player as 'suddenly... the most powerful force in tennis'. As a shock to many people, most of which who aren't in the know of the sport, Djokovic has overwhelmed Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer as favourites to win the category. Upon being asked 'what has changed, Mr Djokovic?', he responded "I've matured as a player... I've matured as a person. I know what to do. I know how to handle my life, my career... I just wasn't consistent enough, and I just wasn't actually believing enough that I could get it together and start winning more major events and be No. 1... The squirrel was one of my close friends in London. Unfortunately, I didn't see her after I won the title, because I wanted to celebrate it with her". [Regarding his comic on-court impressions] as a kid I was creative and I was dreaming of having one stroke out of each player who was on top of the tennis at that time, you know. Let's say Agassi's return, Sampras' serve and attitude on the court, and, I don't know, Rafter's or Edberg's volleys and forehand, and these are the strokes that I kind of imagined to have, and I impersonated those players, and that's how it started. I always try to have something that keeps my mind relaxed, keeps my mind a little bit off tennis".Can we also applaud GQ for their latest cover that features a ragged Daniel Craig? Looks extremely promising and a must-read for Bond fans. 

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