Friday, 5 October 2012

Michael Schumacher's Full Statement on his Retirement

Yesterday will be a day to remember, when Michael Schumacher announced his retirement for the second and final time. You might think he is an 'old' hand at goodbyes but it was evidently difficult for the German to hold back his emotions, even tears, and his usual fluent speech was broken in parts. Here is his statement in full: "I have decided to retire from Formula 1 at the end of the season, although I am still able to compete with the best drivers of the world. This is something that makes me proud, and this is part of why I never regretted my Comeback. I can be happy with my performance and the fact that I was continuously raising my game during the last three years. But then, at some point it is time to say goodbye.
"Already during the past weeks and months I was not sure if I would still have the motivation and energy which is necessary to go on; and it is not my style to do anything which I am not 100% convinced about. With today's decision I feel released from those doubts. In the end, it is not my ambition to just drive around but to fight for victories; and the pleasure of driving is nourished by competitiveness. I have said at the end of 2009 that I want to be measured by my success, and this is why I had a lot of criticism in the past 3 years which partly was justified. It is without doubt that we did not achieve our goal to develop a world championship fighting car within those 3 years. It is also without doubt that I cannot provide a long term perspective to anyone. But then it is also clear that I can still be very happy about my overall achievements in Formula 1. In the past 6 years I have learned a lot, also about me, and I am thankful for it: for example, that you can open yourself up without losing focus.
"That losing can be both more difficult and more instructive than winning; something I had lost out of sight sometimes in earlier years. That you have to appreciate to be able to do what you love. That you have to live your convictions. I have opened my horizon, and I am at ease with myself. I would like to thank Daimler, Mercedes-Benz and the Team for their trust. But I also would like to thank all my friends, partners and companions, who over many good years in motorsport supported me. But most of all I would like to thank my family for standing always by my side, giving me the freedom to live my convictions and sharing my joy". We will leave you with the video of his announcement in full.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Why is Schumacher holding off with his Decision?

With Hamilton recently confirmed to be taking Michael Schumacher's place at Mercedes AMG Petronas, it begs the question, why is Schumacher waiting with his announcement about his future? He knows that his 3-year contract with his current team Mercedes is set to expire at the end of the year, and so must have started thinking weeks ago, if not already have decided in heart, if he plans on retiring from F1 or not. This leads us and a few other Schumacher fans to deduce that he does not intend on retiring from the sport that goes hand in hand with his name. Yesterday, Sauber indefinitely confirmed their interest in offering Michael Schumacher a seat. Surely Michael won't reject them? Sauber are not frontrunners, like Red Bull, Ferrari and McLaren, but what they'd be offering him is a good, reliable car which he can squeeze potential from. Didn't Schumi help Ferrari become the team that they are today? Despite Sauber being in the shadow of Mercedes and other teams, Sauber would be better for Schumi, rather than the predictable unreliablity of Mercedes which he'll be leaving, as they have caused several DNFs for him. Fernando Alonso recently said that, had Schumi been driving for Sauber this year, he would have won 3 races already. Ferrari are not as interested as Sauber are in the seven time world champion, but a bit of interest is positive at this stage. Many Schumacher fans would love to see him back in red. The prolonging of his announcement can only mean good news, in that he's staying for at least one year, because he wouldn't leave his announcement until after everyone else has made their move, or that would look like no-one wanted him (which we've established is far from true).

Monday, 13 August 2012

Djokovic Wins Rogers Cup, Now for Cincinnati

Novak Djokovic defended his title and defeated Richard Gasquet to obtain his 3rd win of the Rogers Cup. It took a mere 61 minutes and two easy sets (6-3 6-2) for the Serb to see off the Frenchman and clutch the glass trophy amidst an electric ceremony. This victory was one much needed by Novak, whose performance had noticeably slipped since Wimbledon this year. Word is is that Novak is experiencing some 'personal problems' which have been profound enough to hinder his performance. The world no2 said: "The losses I had in the Olympic Games gave me even more desire to come here and perform my best and try to win a title. I am very happy to be in this position. I truly did not expect to win this tournament after the emotional losses in the Olympics. I really took it hard and tried to bounce back and recover. And I’ve done great, I have to say". Djokovic has a bye for the first round in the subsequent tournament in Cincinnati, and will play Seppi in the second round.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Novak- Passive and Perturbed Since Wimbledon?

After his loss in Wimbledon and failure to defend his title, Nole seemed momentarily determined that he would go for it at the London 2012 Olympics. Arguably, his body language during his semi-final match against Andy Murray was demonstrating otherwise. Nole is used to the majority of the audience supporting his opponent but yesterday it seemed to get to him, there was a lack of fire from him and he looked helpless most of the time. Nole lost the match 5-7 5-7, gaining no points at all during the last game. The Serb said after: "I had a lot of break balls in the second set... Practically every service game, I had chance in the second set to make a break, especially the one at 5-all. It’s a disappointing loss. But he deserves to be in the final. He played better in the important moments. He served extremely well and used that element in his game efficiently when he needed to. The crowd gave him a support and positive energy. He managed to use that in his favour and win the match... I will try to compose myself, try to gather all the positive energy, as much as I can. The motivation is always there. I will try to repeat the success that I had four years ago". The motivation might have been there as 'always', but so were the effects against the 'positive energy' Murray was receiving in abundance.It came as a blow to Djokovic fans when he was unable to defend his bronze medal against Argentina's Juan Martin del Potro, who lost to Roger Federer in the semis, but will enjoy the delights of a bronze Olympic medal. Djokovic said "He played better. I had my chances, I didn't use them and he deserved to win. [It's a] disappointing end, but I enjoyed it. It was a pleasure playing for my country". It's comforting to know that Nole has enjoyed his time at the London 2012 Olympics. But we and other Nole fans have noticed a slip in his 2011 former self since Wimbledon, which does not compliment Andy Murray's new found high performance which also stemmed from Wimbledon. Certainly, Nole was almost passive during his attempt for bronze against Delpo. We really hope he can become undeniably great again, especially now that the hardcourt season is approaching.

Monday, 30 July 2012

His Schumacherness Defies Age

It is astonishing the amount of people who were quick to blame Michael Schumacher's failed start and penalty-ridden race on his age. Schumi knew that Hungary 2012 will not be one to remember too fondly: "Today was obviously one of those races that you will not look back at for very long... After I had started from the pit lane, I picked up a penalty and then a puncture. So all in all, the beginning of the race was not very pleasant for us. Everything you do not need came together. We did not have full telemetry before the start and during the period of overheating, and this is why we finally decided to retire so as not risk any damage which might make us suffer in the next race... This weekend is not one to remember, but then there are weekends like this which you can only accept. I am sure we will be looking much better in the next races to come". Hungary 2012 for Schumacher and his fans is all in all quite miserable. But how can this be ammunition for others to remark about his age? At 43, Schumi is still 'fit and able' and 'looking good' according to Johnny Herbert (see the video below) and probably is doing better at 43 than any of his current critics. Also, if you listen to what he's been saying repeatedly lately, when you're in a race, age has no value at all. It's all about the race. It's a shame that his car hasn't always been up to stratch, otherwise we could be enjoying some greater results, like his podium finish in Valenica. Schumi expects that Spa will be too soon for him to announce his future plans, but the summer break in the sport will be the perfect time for him to commence talks with Mercedes. We hope he brings his loyal fans good news.

A Promising Olympic Showdown: Djokovic vs Roddick

After a (moderately) swift wiping out of Fabio Fognini, 6-7 6-2 6-2, Novak Djokovic is set to play American Andy Roddick in the second round of the Olympics, London 2012. Upon victory, the Serb, who carried the flag for Serbia in the opening ceremony of the Olympics, said "I haven’t played an official match since Wimbledon, so it took me a set and a half to really get into the rhythm and obviously the rain delay affected the game and I wasn’t sharp enough after it... Fognini made some great winners and he was a set up. Then I had to be really focused for each game, try to break him and the second and third sets were really going my way". Roddick, who competed in the Olympics in 2004, might need to get his thinking cap on before his match against the Serb who won bronze in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The American said "tennis is only a small part of this event and I’m happy that I got asked to come". Two great players to face each other so early in a competition... it's game on.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Djokovic Looks to 2012 Olympics after Wimbledon Loss

Novak Djokovic's body language was not dressed for occasion when he stepped out onto Wimbledon's centre court to face the crowd's long-time favourite, Roger Federer. Federer looked like the winner from the off, with his (almost) regal wave and champion smile- it was obvious that he knew being faced with the defending champion, he was being faced with a challenge, but he looked absolutely ready, if not desperate, to make the finals. After a very slow start for Djokovic, he regained the pace in the second set, but after the break in the third set, he lost his momentum completely and was playing like the 2010 Djokovic, rather than the unbeatable 2011 Djokovic. The loss was difficult for Djokovic fans to endure because it's well known, despite the two players saying (unconvincingly) otherwise, that Federer and Djokovic do not like each other. Djokovic, the ever humble and gracious player, was shunned throughout the entire match from the crowd and commentators alike, but as he said, he has to move on. "I dropped in the energy level. I played really a couple of sloppy games, very slow, with no pace, with very low percentage of first serves... He was the better player. It’s not the first, it’s not the last time I lost a match. I lost to a great champion, somebody that has the most Grand Slams in the history of the sport. I do regret that I didn’t play as well as I thought I would, and as well as I played maybe last couple matches. Life goes on. I have to move on". The London 2012 Olympics provide Nole with the perfect opportunity to 'move on' and perhaps better his 2008 bronze medal with a silver or gold medal this time, and he's well aware of this fact: "The Olympic Games are pinnacle of all sports. I’m really looking forward to playing here and see how it looks during the Olympic Games. I will try to enjoy every single moment of it". Best of luck Novak.

Monday, 30 April 2012

Daniel Craig graces Empire as 007

Daniel Craig graces the cover of Empire for June 2012 in a sharp suit, looking suitably imposing and impressive with his small but deadly firearm in his right hand. The issue celebrates 50 years of 007 and includes words from Daniel Craig himself, and the director Sam Mendes. It seems that Bond 23, namely 'Skyfall' aims to liken itself to 'Casino Royale' and steer away from the disappointing 'Quantum of Solace'. If you view the production update video below, Craig enhances the darkness of Shanghai, similar to how he did in Casino Royale. It has been promised that a teaser trailer is to be released soon. For updates, go to

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Jaguar's 'XJ Ultimate'- Perfect for 007

Jaguar unveiled what is to sit at the top of their range a few days ago in Beijing, at the Beijing Auto Show, what is namely the 'XJ Ultimate'. Its name is justified, as it boasts a 'business table' housed between two fully tailored, individual seats, a champagne chiller, an iPad and keyboard for each passenger and exclusively designed by Meridan entertainment (15-channel 20-speaker surround sound system). Customers will be able to choose between the 5.0-litre V8 supercharged petrol engine, 3.0-litre V6 turbocharged diesel engine, or the all-new 3.0-litre V6 supercharged petrol engine. It would have been great if it was featured in the upcoming James Bond film, as the XJ Ultimate suits the Bond life to a tee.
Jaguar teased us with a preview of the upcoming 'F-Type', which will be a new addition to their currently 3-car range, although it doesn't excite us as much as the XJ Ultimate does because it doesn't seem to be half as imposing or attractively dominating. However we are keeping an open mind and anticipate to be proved wrong.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Djokovic Cries after win, tribute to Grandfather

Novak Djokovic's sheer physical and mental strength saw him defeat Alexandr Dolgopolov 2-6 6-1 6-4 after learning a few hours ago that his grandfather, Vladimir Djokovic, had passed away. His grandfather has played a vital role in setting up Novak's career after building the tennis courts he practiced on before becoming the player he is today. After game, set, match, Djokovic reached out to the sky and wept, and was unable to sign the camera and was unable to take his sports bag off court, where his brother had to help him. In an official statement, ATP said "Novak Djokovic just felt totally exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally... We ask for understanding". Rafael Nadal displayed some affection and sympathy when he found Novak to give him a hug. You can view matchpoint and the reaction later in the video below.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A promised Interesting Week: Indian Wells

Novak Djokovic has made good progress in the BNP Paribas Open (Indian Wells) and will face the no.45 ranked Spanish tennis player Pablo Andujar in the third round of the ATP Masters 1000 tournament. His slow start was narrowed down to two possible reasons; one, Andy Murray's mother tweeted (@judmoo) that a lot of the players participating are ill; or two, he was affected by the fact that Vemic was sick. Either way, his performance was still better than Anderson's, and he defeated him yesterday in straight sets 6-2 6-3. The Serbian said after his victory yesterday: "The opening set, especially opening five games, took half an hour or more," said Novak. "He’s very aggressive on the return games. He has a great serve, as you can imagine for his height, so I had to return well. I had to just be patient, and wait for my chances". Apart from Djokovic, we've also got our eye on the Verdasco versus Del Potro match coming up in a few hours. Despite us having no interest in the women's side of things, the Ivanovic versus Wozniacki match later today should be good too.

Friday, 2 March 2012

A Stunning Estate: Jag's new XF Sportbrake

The Geneva Motor Show 2012 that will take place on the 6th March (in a few days) will have the honour of unveiling Jaguar's second ever estate: the XF 'Sportbrake'. It has been described so far as 'the most versatile Jaguar' yet, it's estate build expanding the possibilities we didn't know could be teamed with beauty, that is, of the successful and much acclaimed 'XF', which was on the roads for March 2008. Whilst from the front, the Sportbrake is capable of deceiving you for the XF, from the entire B-pillar onwards, it sports a new aesthetic, with hints of sharpness taken from the XJ.The Sportbrake will only be available in diesel. Additionally, it will be rear-wheel drive that is powered by an eight-speed automatic gearbox. Jaguar have described it to be their 'most efficient' model up to date, with the inclusion of a 'stop-start' system and 3.0 litre twin-turbo V6.The XF Sportbrake will sport the same 'new lightblade headlamp technology' that we've recently seen on the XF, which boasts LED daytime technology arranged in an alluring, Jaguar 'J-Blade' shape. Their are two options that can be incorporated as well, namely 'The Aero Pack' and 'The Black Pack', which subtly tweaks the exterior with bumpers or spoilers. Personally, I think these options would be best left untouched, as the Sportbrake's sheer size would be overwhelmed if such additions were made. Despite the name not being as elegant as is desirable, the Sportbrake promises to make its name on the roads in the coming year.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Cumberbatch for a 'Seductive' New Jaguar Ad

Jaguar released their new ad for their cars yesterday, making good use of Benedict Cumberbatch as the voiceover. Where we were worried Jaguar might lose their British spark after being taken over by 'Tata', we're pleased to say that this is not the case, as the new ad demonstrates. The British actor, Cumberbatch, states "there is one machine that makes us greater. A machine so instinctive, so seductive, it's as alive as we are. It doesn't click, or buzz. It roars. Jaguar". The ad asks 'how alive are you' at the end, but we feel obliged to ask in exclamation the same of Jaguar, because they have never been more alive than they are today. Signs of great progress are being shown when car experts themselves are lauding the new found reliability within Jaguars. As quoted from Lyndon for the Telegraph, "despite press anxiety at the time [due to Tata acquiring Jaguar from Ford back in 2008], we seem to be enjoying the best Jaguars ever made".

Djokovic Down to Business in Dubai

Novak Djokovic made it through to the second round of the Dubai Tennis Championships yesterday, after defeating Stebe 6-4 6-2, accomplished in a mere 88 minutes. The defending champion said after the match "He [Stebe] definitely played well, I was impressed with his game, especially in the first set. It could have gone a different way really, because he was returning well. He went on the court wanting to win, and that's the right attitude, I think. I was really happy throughout the whole match the way I played. I really didn't have many downs in the game. He made me play it. He gave me good rhythm and went for his shots and made a lot of winners. Credit to him. I'm happy with the first match after four weeks definitely". After winning this tournament 3 times in the past, we have no doubt that he will be able to snag the title for the 4th time, despite notable players such as Roger Federer taking part.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Novak Djokovic Awarded Top State Honour

Our favourite tennis player, Novak Djokovic, gained prestigious recognition when awarded with Serbia's top state honour, the 'Order of the Karadjordje's Star of the 1st degree', in Serbia a few days ago. Additionally, he has been announced as the best ambassador for Serbia worldwide. These achievements prompted him to say "I may have dreamed of lifting the trophy at Wimbledon, but I could never have thought that my country would reward me with such great honour. I am indebted to my people, and I will do my best to continue representing our beautiful country in the best possible way". Also in recent news, the Serbian tennis star admitted that he's finding it difficult to keep his feet on the ground despite his fame and glory, but assured us that he's trying his level best, which is more than you can ask for. He will take part in the Dubai Tennis Championships very soon, where he is set to defend his title.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Djokovic Awarded Prestigious Laureus Award

Novak Djokovic came out on top last night when he was awarded the prestigious 'Laureus World Sportsman of 2011' award in London. His acceptance speech was gracious: "Thank you for this great award. I am beyond words to describe how I feel tonight. Just to be in the same room with the world’s greatest athletes, whom I will allow myself to call “LEGENDS of the sport“ is a great honour and privilege. Well, then, you can imagine how honored I feel right now to be entitled to hold this award, and to be called the World’s sportsman of the year. This award means a lot to me, my team, my family, and my fans around the world. I will use this opportunity to thank the Laureus Foundation for doing a great job around the world. Sport is indeed an inspiration and motivation to many of us, the language we all understand and love. I hope that my example can send a powerful message to all the kids around the world. I was also a kid who grew up in a poor country, torn apart with war, kid who dared to dream about becoming the world’s best athlete. And yet, I stand here in front of you tonight, with this special and dear award, and hope that each kid dares to dream, and choses this path that I chose. Sport is something that every society should nurture, and this is what Laureus stands for. I will make sure on my side that the message is conveyed and that sport stays as pure as it is today. Thank you for considering me for this award, and for honoring me to take it home with me tonight". He attended with his long-term girlfriend, Jelena Ristic and had his photo taken with the British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Djokovic Wins the Australian Open 2012, Pics

This news may be a few days old, but is as golden as it gets in tennis. Novak Djokovic won his fifth Grand Slam title and third Australian Open title on Sunday after a mentally exhausting 5 hour 53 minute match (the longest ever in AO history). The result was 5-7 6-4 6-2 6-7 7-5. The last, deciding set looked to be in favour for Rafael Nadal, when the score was almost 5-2 to him, but Nole broke back to level it out and serve on 4-3, where he gained the momentum he flashed at us in the second and third sets.
Novak Djokovic shakes hands behind the scenes with Rod Laver.
A brief hug between the two drained finalists, who needed chairs to sit on whilst waiting for the awards ceremony.
Nole in a stance we're being all too accustomed to, beside the 'Melbourne' logo, holding the grand slam trophy.
He points to the duration of the match, which made Australian Open history. The two men fought relentlessly throughout the match. "I think [it] comes out on the top because, just the fact, that we played almost six hours is incredible. I'm very proud just to be part of this history, part of the elite players that have won this tournament several times. I was very flattered to be playing in front of Rod Laver in front of the all time greats, and in front of 15,000 people that stayed until 1:30 a.m".
Nole tore his shirt off with his bare hands and went straight to his box, where some of the most important men to his game were hugging and crying!
Nole kisses the Australian Open trophy after having managed to defend his title over a tiring but exciting two weeks in Melbourne. Upon receiving the trophy, he commended Rafa and said, "Rafa, you're one of the best players ever, one of the most respected players on tour. We made history tonight; unfortunately there couldn't be two winners tonight. I wish you all the best for this season and I hope that we will have many more finals like this".
The Serb the day after, posing with his trophy.
Nole getting the security and fan attraction treatment.
A classic shot of Nole holding his trophy that is worthy of summarising his victory and efforts at the tournament this year. It can only be onwards and upwards from here!

Friday, 27 January 2012

Djokovic Defeats Murray to set up Rafole Finale

As many predicted, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray took their vital semi final match to five sets, where Novak claimed victory after scoring 6-3, 3-6, 6-7, 6-1, 7-5. The first set was pretty straight forward for the World No1 tennis player, but a turn of events saw the British No1 grabbing the next two sets with both hands. Somehow, in a manner we've become accustomed to by Novak, he came back from the (almost) dead and quickly finished the fourth set in 25 minutes, to hand Murray a breadstick. Had Novak persevered a little bit more than he did, he might have finished the last set quicker, but he did the job eventually. After the immense five hour match, the winner said: "You have to find strength in those moments and energy, and that keeps you going, I guess... At this level, very few points decide the winner, as it was the case tonight. I think this was one of the longest, if not the longest, that I've played in the later stages of a Grand Slam. I have to be satisfied. I have to be happy. As a tennis player, you practise hard every single day knowing that you will get an opportunity to be part of such a great match and on such a high level". While both players are incredibly fit, each struggled physically, and Djokovic believes it played a role in there being 18 breaks of serve throughout the match. "I think we both went through a physical crisis... It was a very even match throughout, from the first to the last point. As I said on the court, I think we both found it easier to break each other's serve rather than just serve it out and keep our serve going. We both have great returns, and it was very difficult because we put a lot of pressure on each other's serve. So even though I was 5-2 up in the fifth, I knew even playing against the wind at 5-3, I'm not the favourite in that game. It proved to be the truth. But I held my composure. I was happy to react the way I did and win in the end. There is no secret it is going to be physical again. I will do my best to recover. I have a day and a half... I will try to get as much sleep and recovery program underway and hope for the best. I think that's going to be crucial for me to recover and to be able to perform my best, because Rafa is fit. He's been playing well. He had an extra day. He definitely wants to win this title. But I have been in similar situations before where I had the long matches and I'm supposed to play. For example, a couple years back with Roger I had a very long match, and then the next day I was supposed to play the final. So we are familiar with these kind of conditions and situations, so we will try to take the best out of it and recover". The admittedly gracious Andy Murray said that he was 'proud of the way' he 'fought' against his long-term friend. Looking onwards to the finale, we expect a battle between then-friends now-rivals Rafael Nadal and Djokovic, with Djokovic outshining the Spaniard, as we became used to last year, but as Nole said, Rafa 'definitely wants to win this title'...

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Nole Does the 2nd Round in Straights- AO

Novak Djokovic defeated Santiago Giraldo a few hours ago in straight sets 6-3, 6-2, 6-1, to secure his place into the next round of the Australian Open. The Serb was initially tested in the first set when Giraldo broke, but he put an end to that quickly. Later, he said "To be honest, I’ve had lots of situations where I was break down in my career, so I guess that doesn’t affect me, especially early in the first set. I knew that I will start hitting the ball better. If we get to play on the center court or any of the bigger courts, I will try to use my experience playing on those courts,” said Djokovic. “I think the surface here is a bit slower and bounce is a little bit higher, so maybe it's more suitable to my style of the game". Nole currently has a 27-5 win-loss record in Melbourne, Australia, so we have no doubt that this will become 28-5 in the next round, although he is not about to underestimate his opponent; he is set to face Nicolas Mahut of France.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Novak Off to a Winning Start- Aussie Open

Novak Djokovic made a great start to his defence at the Australian Open today, seeing off Paolo Lorenzi in straight sets 6-2 6-0 6-0. After the relatively easy match, he said "obviously I want to get a good start of the year in my first official match in this season... I’m satisfied with the overall performance today. It took me a couple games to get into the right rhythm. It’s a bit difficult conditions. I think it was really the hottest day since I’ve arrived here, so trying to get used to that. But I think I played well after the first set was finished". The Serbian tennis player will face Santiago Giraldo in the next round in his bid to defend his 2011 title.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Djokovic to Defend in Aussie on a High

On the last day of 2011, the world no1 tennis player won the Mubadala World Tennis Championship exhibition in Abu Dhabi and sealed a $250,000 winning prize. He said, after defeated David Ferrer in the final 6-2 6-1 "I must say I'm really happy with the way I'm playing... Playing against the top players in the world in this way gives me a lot of confidence. Usually at this stage, you are trying to find your speed on the court, agility, just dynamics of every stroke, but I found it already, to be honest, right away after the first match". After his win in the exo 'Mubadala' last week, Novak Djokovic was more than happy to return to Melbourne, Australia, to warm up before his mission to defend his title commences. The Australian Open does not start until the 16th of this month, but the Serb was eager to come back to the place which has won him two grand slam titles, and he kissed the blue court as a loving gesture. He said "I think the crucial couple of weeks is now, for me to prepare for Australia. We’ll see. It’s a long year and a difficult task, but I’m looking forward to it".