Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Cumberbatch for a 'Seductive' New Jaguar Ad

Jaguar released their new ad for their cars yesterday, making good use of Benedict Cumberbatch as the voiceover. Where we were worried Jaguar might lose their British spark after being taken over by 'Tata', we're pleased to say that this is not the case, as the new ad demonstrates. The British actor, Cumberbatch, states "there is one machine that makes us greater. A machine so instinctive, so seductive, it's as alive as we are. It doesn't click, or buzz. It roars. Jaguar". The ad asks 'how alive are you' at the end, but we feel obliged to ask in exclamation the same of Jaguar, because they have never been more alive than they are today. Signs of great progress are being shown when car experts themselves are lauding the new found reliability within Jaguars. As quoted from Lyndon for the Telegraph, "despite press anxiety at the time [due to Tata acquiring Jaguar from Ford back in 2008], we seem to be enjoying the best Jaguars ever made".

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