Thursday, 2 February 2012

Djokovic Wins the Australian Open 2012, Pics

This news may be a few days old, but is as golden as it gets in tennis. Novak Djokovic won his fifth Grand Slam title and third Australian Open title on Sunday after a mentally exhausting 5 hour 53 minute match (the longest ever in AO history). The result was 5-7 6-4 6-2 6-7 7-5. The last, deciding set looked to be in favour for Rafael Nadal, when the score was almost 5-2 to him, but Nole broke back to level it out and serve on 4-3, where he gained the momentum he flashed at us in the second and third sets.
Novak Djokovic shakes hands behind the scenes with Rod Laver.
A brief hug between the two drained finalists, who needed chairs to sit on whilst waiting for the awards ceremony.
Nole in a stance we're being all too accustomed to, beside the 'Melbourne' logo, holding the grand slam trophy.
He points to the duration of the match, which made Australian Open history. The two men fought relentlessly throughout the match. "I think [it] comes out on the top because, just the fact, that we played almost six hours is incredible. I'm very proud just to be part of this history, part of the elite players that have won this tournament several times. I was very flattered to be playing in front of Rod Laver in front of the all time greats, and in front of 15,000 people that stayed until 1:30 a.m".
Nole tore his shirt off with his bare hands and went straight to his box, where some of the most important men to his game were hugging and crying!
Nole kisses the Australian Open trophy after having managed to defend his title over a tiring but exciting two weeks in Melbourne. Upon receiving the trophy, he commended Rafa and said, "Rafa, you're one of the best players ever, one of the most respected players on tour. We made history tonight; unfortunately there couldn't be two winners tonight. I wish you all the best for this season and I hope that we will have many more finals like this".
The Serb the day after, posing with his trophy.
Nole getting the security and fan attraction treatment.
A classic shot of Nole holding his trophy that is worthy of summarising his victory and efforts at the tournament this year. It can only be onwards and upwards from here!


  1. Djodal is certainly one of the best rivalries in tennis history. It's better than FeDal for a lot of reasons.

  2. @survivordean I agree 100% :) I think it's time people moved away from thinking 'Fedal' is the best.