Friday, 6 July 2012

Djokovic Looks to 2012 Olympics after Wimbledon Loss

Novak Djokovic's body language was not dressed for occasion when he stepped out onto Wimbledon's centre court to face the crowd's long-time favourite, Roger Federer. Federer looked like the winner from the off, with his (almost) regal wave and champion smile- it was obvious that he knew being faced with the defending champion, he was being faced with a challenge, but he looked absolutely ready, if not desperate, to make the finals. After a very slow start for Djokovic, he regained the pace in the second set, but after the break in the third set, he lost his momentum completely and was playing like the 2010 Djokovic, rather than the unbeatable 2011 Djokovic. The loss was difficult for Djokovic fans to endure because it's well known, despite the two players saying (unconvincingly) otherwise, that Federer and Djokovic do not like each other. Djokovic, the ever humble and gracious player, was shunned throughout the entire match from the crowd and commentators alike, but as he said, he has to move on. "I dropped in the energy level. I played really a couple of sloppy games, very slow, with no pace, with very low percentage of first serves... He was the better player. It’s not the first, it’s not the last time I lost a match. I lost to a great champion, somebody that has the most Grand Slams in the history of the sport. I do regret that I didn’t play as well as I thought I would, and as well as I played maybe last couple matches. Life goes on. I have to move on". The London 2012 Olympics provide Nole with the perfect opportunity to 'move on' and perhaps better his 2008 bronze medal with a silver or gold medal this time, and he's well aware of this fact: "The Olympic Games are pinnacle of all sports. I’m really looking forward to playing here and see how it looks during the Olympic Games. I will try to enjoy every single moment of it". Best of luck Novak.

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