Monday, 30 July 2012

His Schumacherness Defies Age

It is astonishing the amount of people who were quick to blame Michael Schumacher's failed start and penalty-ridden race on his age. Schumi knew that Hungary 2012 will not be one to remember too fondly: "Today was obviously one of those races that you will not look back at for very long... After I had started from the pit lane, I picked up a penalty and then a puncture. So all in all, the beginning of the race was not very pleasant for us. Everything you do not need came together. We did not have full telemetry before the start and during the period of overheating, and this is why we finally decided to retire so as not risk any damage which might make us suffer in the next race... This weekend is not one to remember, but then there are weekends like this which you can only accept. I am sure we will be looking much better in the next races to come". Hungary 2012 for Schumacher and his fans is all in all quite miserable. But how can this be ammunition for others to remark about his age? At 43, Schumi is still 'fit and able' and 'looking good' according to Johnny Herbert (see the video below) and probably is doing better at 43 than any of his current critics. Also, if you listen to what he's been saying repeatedly lately, when you're in a race, age has no value at all. It's all about the race. It's a shame that his car hasn't always been up to stratch, otherwise we could be enjoying some greater results, like his podium finish in Valenica. Schumi expects that Spa will be too soon for him to announce his future plans, but the summer break in the sport will be the perfect time for him to commence talks with Mercedes. We hope he brings his loyal fans good news.

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