Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Why is Schumacher holding off with his Decision?

With Hamilton recently confirmed to be taking Michael Schumacher's place at Mercedes AMG Petronas, it begs the question, why is Schumacher waiting with his announcement about his future? He knows that his 3-year contract with his current team Mercedes is set to expire at the end of the year, and so must have started thinking weeks ago, if not already have decided in heart, if he plans on retiring from F1 or not. This leads us and a few other Schumacher fans to deduce that he does not intend on retiring from the sport that goes hand in hand with his name. Yesterday, Sauber indefinitely confirmed their interest in offering Michael Schumacher a seat. Surely Michael won't reject them? Sauber are not frontrunners, like Red Bull, Ferrari and McLaren, but what they'd be offering him is a good, reliable car which he can squeeze potential from. Didn't Schumi help Ferrari become the team that they are today? Despite Sauber being in the shadow of Mercedes and other teams, Sauber would be better for Schumi, rather than the predictable unreliablity of Mercedes which he'll be leaving, as they have caused several DNFs for him. Fernando Alonso recently said that, had Schumi been driving for Sauber this year, he would have won 3 races already. Ferrari are not as interested as Sauber are in the seven time world champion, but a bit of interest is positive at this stage. Many Schumacher fans would love to see him back in red. The prolonging of his announcement can only mean good news, in that he's staying for at least one year, because he wouldn't leave his announcement until after everyone else has made their move, or that would look like no-one wanted him (which we've established is far from true).

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